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We invite supporters and partners to collaborate with our goal to sustainable development of rural community. The following list of projects that you can support

  • Rural livelihoods
  • Climate change
  • Natural resource management
  • Watershed development
  • Organic farming/ Sustainable agriculture
  • Women empowerment

Save the farmers – an initiative to support distressed livelihoods: The agrarian crises sweeping through the rural areas of the country resulting in poverty, distress migration, and farmers suicides is creating a new social crises with increased burden on the women

Poverty and Hunger: Poverty in rural areas due to growing unemployment and lack access to resources and growing hunger due to lack of physical and economic access to food. Every year hundreds of poor die to starvation particularly during the summer months due to seasonal unemployment.

Distress Migration: lack of employment opportunity has led to increased migration from rural to urban areas and rural to rural areas .this has increased the work load of women as they are often left behind to take care of small children and old family members. Where women migrate along with their families they have to face the double burden of taking care of the family and working on construction sites, brick kilns etc. we even find more and more women migrating on their own in search of domestic and other work. This leads them vulnerable to trafficking and other kinds of exploitation.

Raising agrarian distress has also led to increase of violence against women. It must be remembered that apart from the problems of livelihoods and employment, women anyway to endure the inequities of a patriarchal system both in the family and in the world outside. When livelihood and employment have been threatened, the discrimination and violence perpetrated on women as women also tend to increase.

In this situation AVISHKAR has taken a two pronged approach of striving for support distress farming community. The organization mobilizing resources from the Governments, donor agencies and individuals who wish to adopt and support such villages and individual families.

AVISHKAR is a nonprofit organization with extensive experience in sustainable rural livelihoods, natural resource management and Organic farming and works in Karnataka state, helping the farming community especially women farmers, small and marginal farmers to adopt ecofriendly and economically viable agriculture practices. Some of the significant achievements in the last eight years are sustainable organic vegetable cultivation through Organic vegetable growers associations in Tumkur taluka of Tumkur district with the support of NABARD, Bangalore. This project attracted the attention of NGOs, media and farmers from other districts. The organization implementing sustainable tree based farming approaches through the farmer groups, women farmer clubs and women SHGs and JLGs.presenly the organization implementing farmers producer organization (FPO) in Tumkur and Koratagere taluka of Tumkur district with covering 2000 farming community .

Village Adoption programme: Support village in distress helping them to shift to more sustainable tree based farming agriculture. Our estimation is about15.00 lakhs for cluster of five villages for a period of three years which help them learning and practicing sustainable agriculture practices/ eco friendly organic farming practices establishing farmers interest groups/farmer clubs which can help them to plan, produce and market the produce and become sustainable.

Activities include:

  • 250 farmers and 50 lead master farmers ( from all cluster villages)
  • Two dedicated staff
  • Micro-planning/ PRA
  • Formation of community managed institutions
  • Action plan for three years
  • Training and capacity building/ exposure visits
  • Implementation of Tree based farming systems it includes(soil and water conservation, forestry, horticulture, fodder)
  • Demonstrations on different crops.
  • Quality management records
  • Monitoring and evaluation 

Out comes:

  • At least 15- 20 % increase in the crop yield at the end of the third year of the project.
  • Reduction in cost of cultivation by 15%
  • Improved plant diversity compared to the baseline situation.
  • Increased livelihood base with the adoption of horticulture and forestry
  • Increased food security.
  • Improved living standards of small and marginal farming community.


AVISHKAR will organize this transparency and share the details and progress with the donors regularly. AVISHKAR not for Profit organization registration under society act 1960. All donations to AVISHKAR are exempted from income tax under section 80G (5) (Vi) No CIT (E) BLR/80G/J-332-14-15 and 12 A A (1)(b)(i) No CIT (E)BLR/12A/J-331/14-15.

FCRA Registration Number: 094640101

Please send your donations in the name of AVISHKAR, Tumkur or contact Mr. Ananda kumar or call 0816 2256730, mob: 9731329762

Contact Address:

AVISHKAR (Associations for Village institutions Social, Health, Agriculture and Rural development)

# 11, Sapthagiri nilaya, Near TUDA Office,  Adarshanagar, Tumkur- 572103, Karnataka state, India

Phone: 08162256730
Mob: 9731329762