Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Natural Resource Management (NRM): Achieving environmental sustainability will be the primary goal of the organisation through implementation of participatory watershed development programmes, rejuvenation and restoration of water bodies, promotion of plantation programmes to enrich plants diversity and environmental awareness. The organisation has been continuously working for to conserve the natural resources such as soil, water, vegetation, live stock through community participation. AVISHKAR organised environment awareness camps and training and capacity building programmes at the project villages. The following activities are:

  • Organised environment awareness programmes
  • Training on soil and water conservation activities
  • Conducted awareness programme on rain water harvesting technologies
  • Conducted awareness camps  on  Bio-fuel plants
  • Organised training on Agro forestry / tree based farming systems
  • Environment clubs (Eco Clubs) formed in 15 schools in the project area. Eco clubs were taken up planting of saplings around the school premises.
  • Promotion of live hedge plantation in farmers lands.