Climate Change and Mitigation

Climate Change and Mitigation

AVISHKAR has chosen the Tumkur District in Karnataka state especially in drought prone area talukas for plantation programmes.  AVISHKAR is promoting Eco clubs / Farmers interest groups in schools and communities as custodians of ecology and biodiversity will handhold with local government and non-government organizations, Institutions and departments and likeminded individuals and also with national and international organizations and institutions and individuals to promote tree plantation in the target areas.

The human role in climate change is indisputable as people down the ages have depleted natural resources and contributed to degradation of natural environments by cutting trees, polluting water bodies ,and upsetting the balance that exists because of the interdependency between the various natural resources. These activities have perturbed the climate system and in the coming years several regions of the world are expected to feel the impact of climate change very severely. Hence, creating awareness among the concerned regarding mitigation and adaptations is the need of the hour. AVISHKAR has initiated ‘climate proofing mitigation measures to make the rain fed farming viable by improving the productivity through location specific interventions. The programme has the following approaches:

  • Organizing farmers into farmers groups and training and capacity building on tree based farming systems
  • Organizing consultative workshops on climate change issues.
  • Building on the local best practices of farmers in rainfed farming, both indigenous and exogenous, by documenting, standardizing and disseminating the information.
  • Creating access to savings and credit services for farmers for adopting TBFS
  • Build the capacity of farmers in the areas of proven rainfed farming technologies, leadership development, and change in attitude of farmers towards rainfed farming that can lead to significant changes.
  • Convergence with the schemes like MGNREGA, dept of horticulture, forest dept for adopting TBFS

So for Progress achieved:

  • Organised two days state level consultative work shop on climate change present challenges with respect to agriculture, water and livelihoods in 2015.
  • Organised one day workshop on tree based farming technologies
  • Regularly organizing awareness camps among the community and school children’s in the event of world environment day
  • Planted 6000 saplings in farmers lands under agro forestry project and survival rate is 60%
  • Constructed five farm ponds to harvest rain water each farm pond has storage capacity of 3.00 lakh of litres of water.