Our Governing Council Members

The AVISHKAR board of directors consists of eight members with deep expertise and broad knowledge of the social development sectors in India. The Directors of the catalyst group of institutions also sit on the AVISHKAR board.

Sl. No. Name Designation Qualification Expertise
1. Sumitha Vijayakumar President M.Com 10 years experience in accounts and financial management, capacity building of women SHGs on  book keeping and financial management trainings
2. H. Nagabhusana Vice president M.Sc. 15 years experience in social development sector in India experience covers the thematic areas of Livelihoods, watershed development, tank rehabilitation,   documentation and monitoring and evaluation.
3. A. Anandakumar Secretary B.Sc. Development Professional with 28 years experience in implementation of women empowerment, watershed development, organic farming, Institutions and rural livelihoods. State level trainer for capacity building of NGOs, CBOs and department staff and monitoring and evaluation of projects. He worked with MYRADA, BAIF and other NGOs in Andhrapradesh and Karnataka states. He provided consultancy services for NABARD, CMSR-India and other development organizations in India.
 4. D. R. Suresh Director B.Sc.(Agri), M.Sc, M.S.W 22 years of experience in the agriculture development field and social development sector. Agriculture technocrat, who has expertise and experience in participatory planning, implementation and management of watershed development and restoration of tank systems. Recognized by SIRD, GoK and GoI as a State level Trainer to train various stakeholders on various aspects related to NR.
5. R. Ramappa Director M.Sc, M.phil He has over 18 years experience in social development in the areas of development research, impact evaluations, technical and organizational support in rural livelihoods, watersheds and governance domains.  He is worked with BAIF and other national level organizations
6. S. P. Murthy Director M.A 20 years experience in social development sectors in the areas of    women empowerment rural livelihoods, health, watersheds, community managed resource centers, gender and equity capacity building of CBOs. Best trainer for women SHGs, FPOs on social aspect trainings to NGO staff, department staff and CBOs.
7. M. N. Kulakarni Director B.Sc 25 years experience in social development field in India. Thematic areas such as sustainable agriculture, livestock development, organic farming rural livelihoods, Peoples institutions, project documentation, monitoring and evaluation projects. Training and capacity building of CBOs and NGO staff.
8. B. Bylappa Director M.Sc (Agri) 22 years experienced in implementation of Watershed development, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and    best technical trainer for technical trainings, agriculture, organic farming. IPM and INM. He worked with MYRADA and other development organizations in Karnataka state.