Farmers Producer Organization (FPO)

Farmers Producer Organization (FPO)

The AVISHKAR has been implementing of Farmers Producer Organization Project (FPO) at Yelerampura gramapanchyath of Koratagere taluka and Aregujjanahalli gramapanchyath of Tumkur taluka of Tumkur district. NABARD, Bangalore, has funded this project under Produce fund- promotion of FPOs. The objective of promotion of FPO is to improve agriculture income of farming community by providing services such as agriculture inputs, services technologies, market linkage and adopting post harvest crop/seed management, grading storage and processing technologies.  The FPO project was covering 800 farmers in nine villages of Yelerampura gramapanchyath, Koratagere taluka Tumkur district and 1000 farmers in ten villages of Aregujjanahalli gramapanchyath, Tumkur taluka of Tumkur district. The awareness programmes like village meetings, formation of JLGs/FIGs existing CBOs meetings, base line survey, FPO registration etc have been completed successfully.


  • To organize the farmers and bring them into the Institution (FPO).
  • To provide Agriculture input services to farmers on time.
  • To facilitate to sell agriculture produces on bulk basis to the reliable sellers.
  • To develop market linkages with wholesale traders, companies, production units and to avoid middlemen.
  • To train the farmers on improved agriculture technologies and practices.
  • To establish linkages with formal and informal institutions to mobilize the resources.
  • To encourage farmers for value addition for agricultural produces.
  • To support the farmers to produce bi-products from the agricultural produces.





  • Mobilize the farmers in to Farmers interest groups (FIG) at the village level and build FPOs to plan and implement product specific cluster/ commercial crop cycles.
  • Training and capacity building for strengthen farmers capacity through innovative technologies for productivity enhancement
  • Production and marketing –design ,support and market linkages
  • Systems and Procedures-developing SOPs, monitoring and evaluation systems and training
  • Ensure appropriate systems and support to ensure compliance with statutory authorities, donors, banking and internal governance systems
  • Ensure access to and usage of quality inputs and services for intensive agriculture enhancing cluster competitiveness
  • Facilitate access to fair & remunerative markets including linking producer groups to marketing opportunities by market aggregators.
Sl.No. Name of the Producer organization Produce/ crop dealt by PO No of Producers Location
1. Sri Marikamba Farmers Producer Organization


Organic vegetables, Finger millets and Pulses 800 Aregujjanahalli Gramapanchyath, Tumkur taluka of Tumkur district, Karnataka state
2. Gramachethana Farmers Producer Organization


 Ground nut, Small millets and Pulses. 1000 Yelerampura Gramapanchyath, Koratagere taluka of Tumkur district. Karnataka state.